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Say Goodbye to Skin Problems with Three Simple Hacks

A person’s beauty is reflected through the glow and glamour of his skin. However, in today’s modern world, a large number of people suffer from various skin problems owing to the contaminated air and junk food ruling over us. However, there are several factors which should be considered when it comes to talking about skin problems. Some of the problem causing factors includes summer heat, dry and rough skin, stress, depression and poor diet as well as high level usage and side effects of the modernized cosmetics. Though, some people turn to using modern medicines to cure damages caused by modernization itself the following simple tips can help one solve any type of skin issues without costing any time or money.

The Right Diet
A balanced and effective diet has proved to be a savior for many unfortunate conditions. The same goes for skin problems. In order to get a smooth and clear face, one needs to consume calculated and balanced diet. Eating diet enriched in large quantities of B6, C, B1, Vitamins A and D, keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Vitamins A and C particularly make your skin smooth free from spotting. Improving intake of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and other vitamins in form of fruits, vegetables and herbal teas, guards your skin from wrinkles, pimples, dry skin and acne and more.

Cucumber is the Solution
Cucumber has great astringent, hydrating and nourishing properties. The antibacterial components in cucumber keep contaminants and unsafe bacteria at bay. Cucumber face pack made from mixing 1 spoon milk and 2 spoon oatmeal with a half grinned cucumber, prevents dry skin, wrinkles, pimples, and blackheads problems.

Prevent Sun
Sunlight contains UV rays which harm skin to great extends making it important to avoid excess exposure of direct sunlight, particularly from 12 PM to 4 PM. One should not leave any part of skin bare while going out in scorching heat and regularly use sunscreen lotions. So, if you are tired of your dry and wrinkling skin, better not forget your hat and stole next time you step out of the house in noon.

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