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The Better Effect of Drinking Alcohol Daily

Little Alcohol Every Week Keeps the Doctor Away

From our childhood, we have had our presumption about drinking Beer and how it is not healthy for our bodies, minds, relations and career. Surprisingly, a little beer everyday can do well as long as you are not making it an addiction. Like eating an apple a day, you can drink a little bit of alcohol every day. It’s a common quote that how extreme and addiction of everything is unhealthy; same goes for beer. You don’t have to get wasted but drinking little alcohol each day has its own set of benefits.

Multiple benefits of getting a little drunk

  • Your chances of getting affected with dementia are less when you drink beer moderately every day. So, as long as you are not addicted, drinking is actually good for your health.
  • You can also prevent common cold, cardiovascular disease, gall stones, and also lower the chance of getting diabetes. Drinking alcohol moderately also increases your libido considerably.
  • Drinking alcohol actually keeps you sharp as compared to the contrary belief that it makes you lose your focus. It also prevents joint pains and strokes.
  • If you have been drinking alcohol moderately, you can stay lean and slim and not worry a bit about putting on excess weight as alcohol controls, BMI or the body mass index. If you are an emotional eater or binge eater, the drinking alcohol everyday can help curb this habit.
  • Drinking in moderation in reality strengthens your bones and reduces tumors.
  • It manages to stimulate brain cells and prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Thiamin and riboflavin are the vitamins mostly found in wines and ciders.
  • Finally, they help reduce depression and increase the metabolism of the body. Also, while extreme alcohol leads to liver diseases, a little of it every day keeps them at par.


So, scotch alcohol up a bit as a part of your daily dosage. Boozing daily can have these surprisingly healthy effects. So, as long as you are not drinking too much, you are making a good impact on your health with daily dose of alcohol. One or two drinks a day is good enough to keep yourself healthy. Both men and women can use these drinks and consume them in moderation.


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