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The Ultimate Guide To Merkaba Meditation

In today’s era of modernization & technology, everyone is scrambling for higher living standards. We are so much engrossed in the hustle-bustle of this busy world that we even don’t have enough time for ourselves. This means we can’t feel the love that the world holds for us & the love we can offer to the universe. What we pick up everywhere is just competition & the never ending race of overtaking other people; be it within the company or among known relatives, everywhere life has become a gamble where no one is ready to let go. Altogether these are the negativity that take us far away from our internal life and deity; destroying up the being human feeling.

In order to eradicate all these negativities from the mind & have the spirit of love everywhere around the cosmos, one should practice meditation. One of the meditations that has a striking effect on re-shaping the mind and rejuvenate the body is Merkaba or Merkabah.

How to do Merkaba Meditation?
• Merkaba Meditation is simple, just in the occasion that you rehearse! Here are the 10 levels you have to follow with a specific end objective to complete a circular of this consideration.

• Bring your thumbs and first hand together. Do this for both the arms. Currently increase the arms up. Breathe through nose.

• Presently imagine a red light, open the main chakra and keep your breathing. Defeat the breathing. Defeat your sight too.

• Bring the thumbs and the second hand together. Breathe in, keep your breathing for a moment, and exhale. Envision an orange light and move your eyes down. Alter fingertips once more.

• Hold the thumbs and the third finger together. Move your eyes down. Inhale, keep your breathing and pulse rate once more.

• Next, carry the thumbs and the 4th finger together. Envision a natural mild at this aspect. Take in in, keep it and pulse rate once more.

• Next, carry the thumbs and the first finger together once more. Envision a red light and your neck chakra starting. Breath in, keep your breathing and pulse rate once more.

• Bring the thumbs and your second finger together and imagine the covering indigo this time. Envision your temple chakra starting and keep your breathing. Currently beat. Move your eyes down again and alter your fingertips.

• At last, carry the thumbs and third finger together. You ought to examine the covering purple at this aspect. Envision your top chakra starting up. Hold your breathing and let it beat once more. Inhale out. Move your eyes down and alter fingertips once more.

• Presently take in profoundly. Attempt to feel the passion that is around you. Chill out and take in a musical way.

• Proceed with contemplation’s of your own.

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