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Things to Remember Before Starting a Workout Routine | Fitness

If you are a gym freak but you find yourself on a plateau where you cannot grow further or cannot burn any more fat, then you have to consider some important variables in your fitness regime before starting your workout for the day.

Hydrate :- It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Especially if you are going to exercise in the morning. Drink water with a lemon squeezed in the morning so that “empty stomach workouts” doesn’t harm you. Hydrated body can do proper workout easily as your muscles need blood and nutrition and well hydrated body will have good blood circulation too. So always drink one or half litter of water before an hour of your workout every day.

Diet before you start:- When you are going to start your workout you should take nutritional diet before an hour of your workout, just like your post workout diet. You should take proteins and carbs in equal quantity an hour before the workout. Such meals will provide your body with nutrition which is required for productive workout inside the gym.

Sleep:- Some people take a nap of 2 hours before their workout, if this is easy for you, go for it. It has been seen that people who take a nap of 2 hours before workout, grow 10% quicker than the others.

Reading or watching workout videos:- When someone is internally prepared to train himself with the most brutal workout, he increases his chance of improvement much more. This happens when you read something before your workout or watch a video on your cell phone or computer. This internal motivation technique is far more effective than any type of pre-workout shake.

Adequate warm-up:- One should take necessary precautions in the gym. They shouldn’t start with heavy weights without proper warm-up. This could lead to serious injury.

Stretching:Some people doesn’t really care about stretching their muscles before their workout. They end up injured at some point in their life. So always stretch properly after a good warm-up to make those muscles ready to take the challenge.

Never miss any of the above points because each thing put together will make your workout the Ultimate one.

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