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Turmeric and Milk This is How it Should be Taken

Every year winter seems to have more chilling effect on us. Other than loading yourself with clothes and covering yourself in and out, some home remedies also need to be followed to keep your body warm and safe. Eating natural, healthy, safe and warm is the best solution to keep your body protected from cold waves and chills this winter. One of the most effective and old school precautionary methods to stay healthy and fit in winters is having turmeric with milk. This mixture can be taken in various ways to immunize your body and insulate from foreign bacteria effecting our body in the negative way.

Here’s sharing with you one of the most adequate recopies to intake turmeric with milk and to provide highest levels of benefits to the body.
  • Bring turmeric sticks from the market and crush it at home only with a mortar and pestle. The powdered form available in the market may not be pure as there are a lot of adulterated products present in the market,. Therefore, it is always advisable to bring turmeric in the raw form and crush it at home.
  • You can also crush a few white peppercorns
  • Mix a cup of water, a cup of milk, the homemade turmeric powder and the peppercorn in a bowl and boil it.
  • Let it boil for around 15- 20 minutes so that the turmeric leaves the best of its effects in the mixture. The reason we added water in the starting is to make the mixture drinkable and not too thick.
  • Remove the milk from the gas and add it a spoon of sugar or honey to reduce the bitterness of the milk.
  • The mixture should be taken warm and in a relaxing position to get the maximum of the benefits.

Also, half a spoon of desi ghee can be added to the milk, if you are taking it to treat sore throat.

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