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What does your Hair and Scalp Style say about your Health

The glowing visage depicts the beauty of an individual like wise unhealthy body system revealed through scalp and hair locks. Hair being an external part of our body so any internal disorder is seen on them . The stressful life will show its first reflection on your hair, no matter how much you spend on hair products.
Various deficiencies visible through scalp and quality hair are-

Brittle and dry hair shows the lack of iron, zinc or vitamin C in the body.

Flaky scalp and dull hair show lack of vitamin A and essential fatty acid in the body.

Poor hair growth depicts the lack of vitamin B and vitamin C and zinc deficiency in the body.Individual suffering from thyroids or hormonal imbalance also faces problem of poor hair growth.

Dandruff is often the result of stress and tension which changes the balance of scalp’s secretion. Dandruff also show the fungus deposition on the body

Hair loss is due to lack of protein or iron .So anemic patient is likely to have a problem of hair loss. Women are particularly vulnerable to iron deficiency during their periods and even in pre and post menopausal stages.

Red itchy scalp is the sign of eating too much sugary content and fatty products. Especially a sudden increase over short period of time like in case of pregnancy causes red itchy scalp.

Brittle top layers can be caused by high stress level coupled with low fatty diet. Smoking can be another cause to it.

• A lack of protein and essential fatty acid causes split ends.

Thinning hair points to an increase in release of adrenaline, usually due to pre Menopausal stress in women and frequent discharge in men. It also points to dropping of oestrogen levels.

Eventually the desire of having , healthy and beautiful hairdo’s one should always emphasize on healthy diet and regular workout that enhances the metabolism of the body.

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