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What Foods are Good for Energy| Best Energy Food

A decline in energy has been felt by everybody at some point in the life. It is a very disturbing and irritating condition when you run out of energy. Here are some energy enhancing foods which can keep you running around all day with excitement and energy.


unlike processed carbohydrates, oats takes longer time to digest and therefore they provide sustained energy, whereas white bread or any other processed carbohydrates blast a lot of energy at once and later let you down.


great source of protein, fiber and vitamin B, quinoa has the ability to spike the energy levels. It is easy to cook, just like rice or one can use it in the breakfast with honey, berries and some dry fruits to keep the level of nutrition and energy altitude all day.


when protein is added to a carbohydrate meal, the digestion gets slower and yogurt is rich is protein. The release of energy from carbohydrates becomes slower and longer when yogurt is added. Yogurt is available in many varieties but one should prefer the one with low sugar levels for better health.

Dark Green leafy vegetables

it is said that, “The greener a vegetable is, the more nutrition it has”. When good amounts of vitamin C, A, and calcium enters the body along with Iron, fiber and rich protein, then the performance of the body improves too much and this results in higher energy levels automatically.

Dark chocolate

different studies on dark chocolate have uncovered the benefits of dark chocolates. It is not only an energy enhancing food but also helps people suffering from heart problems.

Sweet potatoes

Slow digesting carbohydrates along with lot of vitamin C and A, can make your day full of energy. That’s what sweet potato does. It is highly fibrous food and it has very slow digesting carbs which help fatigue.

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