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What your Looks say about your Health

The next time you peep into a mirror, study your body for any signs of impending diseases or malfunctions that your body might be facing. Believe it or not, our body has a system of letting the state of your health get revealed over our body parts. We may see certain bodily changes as something abnormal or out of the box issue but having the knowledge of their cause can help us determine the status of our health. The most common and prominent signs on your body that can be the result of some health issue has been listed below.

Thick facial hair
Having hair on your body where it shouldn’t be, is normally, well, not a normal occurrence. In females, the presence of bodily hair on cheeks, chin, chest and back can be signs of elevated levels of the male hormone. In most cases, this spike in male hormones is related to a condition called Poly cystic ovary disorder. While hair growth itself is not the issue, the effects of this disease, such as, missed periods, infertility and diabetes are the ones should consult your doctor for.

Brittle nails
Brittle nails are a strong sign of fungal infection on fingers. Moist skin is perfect for fungus to grow and prosper. The presence of a parasite in your skin and nails can cause the nail to split and crumble at the edges.

Scaly red patch
Psoriasis is the skin trouble this might point to. Inflammation throughout the body might be observed in this condition. Moreover, it can occur at any age. Lesions can make an appearance anywhere on the knees, elbows, or scalp.

Persistent acne
Hormonal imbalances in the body can cause an acne break out on your skin. The issue of acne can be persisting and if left unattended, the issue can scale up in intensity as well. Certain hormones can cause pore clogging oils to form on the skin surface. Medications can certainly help in controlling the severity of the condition.

Dry and blotching skin
A deficiency of omega 3 essential acids in the body can manifest itself in the form of dry skin and inflammation. This can be accompanied with a situation where your skin suffers excessive itching.

Thinning hair
A situation of hypothyroidism can reveal in the form of thinning hair. This situation can occur when the thyroid glands become unattractive and hair follicles go in the resting mode. As a result, hair strands are shed and thinning of hair occurs.

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