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What’s the Best Time to Exercise | Evening Workout Benefits

Whatever the goal is, one has to work to improve the muscle mass. You might think why would a person, who wants to lose fat, work to gain muscles? The answer is simple. When someone put on more muscles their body intends to burn more calories. And because the calorie intake has already been decreased, body will turn towards the fat cells for energy. This is known as increased metabolism.

So now we know that for any type of goal one has to gain muscles, but when you are thinking about “what time is best for the workout” you have to consider different variables related to weight training and personal body type. Let’s say, someone doesn’t have enough energy and strength to work out in the gym effectively, such a person should workout in the evenings, because before his workout he can have 3-4 meals rich in nutrition and later after workout he can have his meals (at least 2 meals) rich in protein and later sleep 8 -9 hours for optimum recovery.
People who does their exercise in the morning has to later look after their job or business, they lack the recovery variable because of their busy schedule. Lack of rest can lead to slower improvement in muscles and slower fat burning effects. But those who can have 3-4 hours nap after their early morning workout, such people are really lucky. They can grow well; recover nicely and on the other side burn more fat.

For people who want to burn fat generally intend to add more cardio to their exercise routine, they also have to add weight training to gain muscles for a higher Metabolism. If they workout in the evening between 4pm or 5pm, they can easily manage 3 meals before workout and 3 meals after workout. Such people improve quickly. This is the reason why evening workout is always considered best. People who have slower recovery also should try working in the evening and try 3-4 protein rich meals. It has been observed that people doing so improved much faster than people who did their exercise in the morning.

Evening workout has even more benefits, early morning we already have growth hormone spike but evening is a time where it diminishes. After workout the wonderful condition generates in our body where the growth hormone is again produced by the body for the muscle recovery.

If you haven’t tried yet, give it a try. For one complete month, try exercising in the evenings and see your results.

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