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Why is Tofu Diet Good for You

After eating tofu for a year.this is what can happen to you .
Tofu is the 21st century formulae to boost your protein intake without any trace of carbohydrates in it, but that’s not the catch. The real catch is it’s free of any form of meat or animal products. The cheesy white substance derived from Soy, tofu is packed with elements like Iron, calcium and Omega-3. Tofu diet is not just bliss for vegetarians and vegans keen on body building but also a highly recommended diet switch for anyone who wants to have a shaped and toned muscular body within a year.

Body building isn’t just the 6 pack abs or fuller biceps – it’s more than what just please the eyes. It’s revitalizing you in the making of a healthier you. Let’s have a look at what switching over to tofu diet for a year does all the while to sculpt a brand new you.

Helps in curbing obesity
With a very low cholesterol and high protein content, it is the best food for weight loss and fighting obesity.

Tofu for stronger bones
Tofu is packed with rich minerals like magnesium, calcium and Potassium which help in improving bone strength. The soy protein helps in building bones in children and in preventing erosion of bones in adults.

Improves hair growth
Tofu contains mineral like selenium that prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth.
Protein in tofu is required to maintain healthy hair, voluminous growth, and improve luster.

Tofu for a healthy heart and steady blood pressure
The natural anti-oxidants present in Tofu help in reducing inflammation and damage of blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure and maintaining a healthy heart.

There are 3 main types of tofu found in the market named soft, firm and silken;all sourced from the milk of pressed soybean. Tofu diet is low on calories but has high calcium content and also delivers about 48-50% proteins from every 100 gyms of tofu.

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