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Workout Plan for Beginner

A person with lot of fat or little muscle mass is often considered a beginner, but to build a beginner and enhance his/her muscle mass, there must be a specific type of workout plan.

Here is a method which can help beginners to enhance their ability and improve their muscle mass. Because a beginner does not have enough strength to perform various exercises, compound movements work best for them. The below given workout should be continued for 2 months at least to see maximum result.

Monday Day – 1
Tuesday Day – 2
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Day – 1
Friday Day – 2
Saturday Rest
Sunday Rest


Workout for day -1

Warm-up- 15 minutes

Clean and press                                2 sets – 10 reps.

Free Squat                                          2 sets – 10 reps

Lat pulley                                             2 sets – 10 reps

Push-ups                                             2 sets – maximum reps

Lateral raises                                      2 sets – 10 reps

Dumbell fly                                           2 sets – 10 reps

Workout for day -2

Cardio for 20 minutes (this duration would increase every week)

Shrugs                                                  2 sets – 10 reps

Barbell curl                                          2 sets – 10 reps

Pulley push down for triceps      2 sets – 10 reps

Calf raises                                            2 sets – 10 reps

Leg raises for abs                              2 sets – 10 reps

Sit-ups for abs                                   2 sets – 10 reps

Hyper extension for lower back                2 sets – 10 reps

This type of workout will help the beginner to gain strength but a person should never forget the importance of correct movements and form. When a person performs all the exercises in right form and technique, there is a higher chance of improving.

Diet plays a great role along with such target oriented workout plans. One should make sure that the nutrition is good enough while making progress in the gym. Many times people do not improve in the gym because they do not pay much attention to their nutrition at home.

Follow all the steps carefully and see for yourself what change you can create with the dedication and patience.

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